“Through the Bible study, I discovered beautiful information! I enjoyed the format and clear path to walk through the scripture study, and I like how it includes written exercises. This Bible study leads to discovery, exciting information, and
a clear track to growth!”

- Nancy Norris,
Adjunct Professor at Gateway College of Evangelism and
author of “Sweet Pain”


We hope you agree that a most effective way of pursuing God is to learn about Him through His Word.  Through relevant Bible study, God teaches us about Himself, His Purpose and His Plans for each of us.  He also teaches us about ourselves-where we are on our faith journey and where He desires us to be.  Through study, we discover our strengths, confront our weaknesses and grow to maturity in Christ.

The Word of God is a masterpiece.  It is a biography of a Gracious God at work in the lives of people.  The Scriptures are full of life and drama.  They contain mysteries, suspense, comedy and a little of everything in between.  The Bible is far from boring and the study of God’s Word is meant to inspire, encourage, and bring new life to the reader.

The resources available through Response to Grace Ministries were written to help you better understand and apply the concepts in God’s Word.  We pray that your use of our products will result in a more personal relationship with Christ, a deeper faith, and an unquenchable love for the Bible Study.  God is overjoyed when we take time to study and know Him more!

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